chilihead salsa 

 for the love of sweet red crack!

Salsa Addicts

When your belly rumbles and all you can think of is savory, sweet red tomatoes and spicy, crisp peppers swirling about in your mouth, than welcome to the dangers of becoming a Chilihead Salsa Addict...

Salsa lovers beware...your tastebuds are in for a surprise when they try our sweet red crack!


PSA: We lost our conscience in the making of this product and accept zero responsibility for any addictive behaviors that users may come across. Until further examined by FDA, we highly recommend devouring this product in high doses until belly ache is achieved!

Behind the Crack

Why try to compete with the masses? We don't make the same boring metallic tasting salsa produced at the same factory as your cheesy poof chips...

Our salsa is made batch by batch  that  our passion - my art is creating a delicious and surprising menu that will overwhelm your every sense.

Crave More?

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